THA Chief Secretary Denies Forcing “Whistleblower“ Akil Abdullah To Confess

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THA Chief Secretary Denies Forcing “Whistleblower“ Akil Abdullah To Confess

Tobago House of Assembly, Chief Secretary, Farley Augustine, denies any suggestion  he, or aides upon his instruction, forced or coerced “whistleblower” Akil Abdullah into a confession about the bribery and conspiracy that led to a police investigation into members of the THA.

Mr Augustine says there is irrefutable evidence of the several attempts made by Mr. Abdullah to have a meeting with the Chief Secretary.

These requests came via WhatsApp messages, text messages and calls to the Office of the Chief Secretary, making the requests weeks before a meeting was eventually granted adding those requests for meetings started since April 2023 and the Chief Secretary only agreed to a meeting in July 2023.

The Chief Secretary is also in possession of records of the request that came for a follow-up meeting, which eventually took place on July 12, 2023.

The Chief Secretary attests that there is more than sufficient evidence to refute any claim that Mr. Abdullah was forced to meet with him.

He said this supposed audio recording currently in circulation, comes subsequent to newspaper articles where Mr Abdullah has said he felt threatened after his statements to the Chief Secretary were revealed in the House of Assembly.