Taxi drivers to fight any regularisation of “PH” sector

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Taxi drivers to fight any regularisation of “PH” sector

The Trinidad and Tobago Taxi Drivers Network is against any regularisation of “PH” taxis.

The Network has complained that they are not being consulted in any discussions and claim that government will be opening a gateway for other illegal activities if it bypasses the existing taxi badge process to legalise the PH trade.

President of the Network, Adrian Acosta, during a media conference on Tuesday, said they will fight any attempt by Government to legalise these private cars for hire.

And, he issued a call for taxi drivers across the country to prepare for a fight as he says government needs to uphold the nation’s law.

Acosta said if a PH driver wants to become a taxi driver there is already a process in place for them to do so.

He said government is also making a mistake by asking one person to speak on behalf of the industry.

Acosta said they are legitimate drivers and government has been having discussions behind closed doors.

He is suggesting giving taxi driver different coloured number plates to make them more visible to potential passengers and giving all routes a number so that legitimate taxi drivers would have to stay within their area.

Government has appointed a technological specialist, who will work towards developing legislation and policies for the PH taxi industry.