Tancoo: Rowley is being malicious, deceitful and is misleading the country

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Tancoo: Rowley is being malicious, deceitful and is misleading the country

Oropouche West MP, Dave Tancoo, has stated that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has chosen to mislead the Nation via his lies about the Opposition Leader.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Dr Rowley claimed that the Leader of the Opposition in a recent release was “appealing for a 1990-style insurrection.”

However, Tancoo said “That is an absolute lie. The release is a public document and anyone reading it will realise that Dr Rowley is being malicious and deceitful, knowing that he is uttering an untruth.”

He said “What the Opposition Leader did was to call on the government to recognise the social and economic crisis that vast numbers of our citizens are living in, and call on them to act urgently. Why then would Dr Rowley promote such a nasty lie?
The Leader of the Opposition made NO SUCH APPEAL. Indeed she was very clear that this country cannot and must not ever have another 1990. On two occasions in the release the Leader of the Opposition openly stated that “We cannot have a 1990 repeat”.”

Tancoo added “With fake emails having been used once before in a national smear campaign, this latest distraction should not be taken lightly. What is again being alleged, is a criminal offence and the Prime Minister knows that and must now substantiate his claim.”

“Dr. Rowley must now provide evidence as to where in the published media release the Leader of the Opposition appealed for a “1990 response”. Failing to do so, he owes the country and Mrs. Persad Bissessar an apology. As a Prime Minister Dr Rowley cannot and must not be allowed to mislead the country. We cannot have another emailgate,” Tancoo said.