Virtual Labour Day celebrations in the works

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Virtual Labour Day celebrations in the works

The trade union movement intends to use technology as a means to celebrate the Labour Day holiday, which takes place on Saturday.

General secretary of the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM), Ozzy Warwick, said ‘We intend to recognise Labour Day using as best as we can, using technology.”
However, he did not give any details of the virtual event.

In an interview with the Newsday, Warwick said “We are of the firm view that workers need trade unions now more than ever before, as employers continue to use the pandemic to violate workers’ rights.”

He added “One important feature of Labour Day has always been the labour movement’s assessment of the government of the day. We intend to hold to that tradition.”

In 2020, a small portion of the leadership attended in-person celebrations at Fyzabad.

There were stricter curfew hours for the last two public holidays and the

With curfew hours having been adjusted for the last two public holidays, the Prime Minister hinted on Saturday that the same adjustments may be made for the June 19 Labour Day holiday.

The leadership for the three labour movement federations will inform the public of their plans in the coming days.