3 arrested and charged under the Anti-Gang Act


3 arrested and charged under the Anti-Gang Act

Keston Hall, 27 and Suresh Maharaj, 26, both of Balandra, were arrested and charged with supporting a gang.

Additionally, Daineam Schneider, 30, of Cedros, was arrested and charged with being a gang leader.

They were all charged under the Anti-Gang Act No. 1 of 2018.

They were also charged with trafficking in marijuana.

They were held during a simultaneous anti-crime exercise held throughout Trinidad by the Northern Division Gang Unit and officers of Northern Division, on Tuesday.

The three men were initially arrested and charged with possession of marijuana for trafficking when the car in which they were occupants were searched, and 16.1 kilogrammes of marijuana was found.

The incident occurred on September 12th 2019 in Arouca.

The three accused subsequently appeared before the Arima Magistrates’ Court to answer to the charges, however, the Northern Division Gang Unit along with another Agency continued enquiries.

According to the TTPS, pertinent information was received and investigations were done throughout Trinidad and Tobago, which led to several persons being interviewed and the eventual arrest of the three suspects on gang-related charges.