SWMCOL Chairman says Beetham Landfill has to be closed

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SWMCOL Chairman says Beetham Landfill has to be closed

SWMCOL Chairman, Ron Miltord shares the sentiments of Beetham residents that the Beetham landfill should be closed.

He made the admission while speaking with News Power Now regarding the situation at the landfill.

The Environmental Management Authority yesterday said that the air levels at the landfill are now hazardous.

Fires at the landfill have been burning for almost a week with authorities struggling to get them under control.

According to the data released by the EMA, the Air Quality Index or AQI was at 410 with 0 being the best and 500 the worst possible air quality.

The high reading, it said, is due primarily to the smoke and particulate matter being emitted from the Beetham landfill.

The agency added that the air quality could aggravate heart or lung disease and serious risks of respiratory effects in the general population.

The EMA called on all persons in the vicinity, particularly the elderly, children, and those with respiratory ailments to exercise extreme caution.

Mr Miltord assured that the impact of the situation on the general public was not lost on him and that it was being dealt with as quickly as possible.

The SWMCOL Chairman however acknowledged the limitations regarding the sustainability of the landfill.

He added that while its closure is inevitable, other measures are being taken to ensure the country does not find itself in the same situation anytime soon.