Red-band maxis say no fare increase despite fuel price hike

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Red-band maxis say no fare increase despite fuel price hike

There will be no increase in Red band maxi taxi fares.

This assurance comes from head of the Route 2 Maxi taxi Association, Linus Phillip.

Mr Phillip told News Power Now that the Association felt that the increase in fuel prices announced by the Finance minister could be absorbed, particularly given last year’s adjustment to the fare structure.

He also moved to distance the Route 2 Maxi Association from the recently launched National Transportation Association.

The new Association consists of the heads of three associations involved in the transportation of goods and people.

The organisation is an amalgamation of transport workers including maxis, taxis, truckers and small transport service providers.

The NTA, with political activist Phillip Edward Alexander at its side, yesterday warned the Government that it would face consequences if it failed to roll back on the increase in fuel prices.

However, Mr Phillip said the Route 2 Maxi Association could not be part of any such group due to its apparent political affiliation.