Staff shortage at POSGH – several nurses under quarantine

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Staff shortage at POSGH – several nurses under quarantine

There is said to be a shortage of nursing staff at the Port of Spain General Hospital after a number of nurses reportedly contracted COVID-19 over a five month period.

The ill nurses worked at Ward 3 and the Costaat Male Ward.

According to a TV6 report, there are currently between 10 and 20 nurses still battling with the virus in quarantine.

The group, including registered nurses, nursing assistants and licensed midwives, reportedly picked up the virus from unsanitary conditions at wards and patients who went to the POS General Hospital for treatment.

This has now reportedly led to the staff shortage at the hospital, and the administration has been forced to seek nurses from other wards and facilities.

It seems this could have been been avoided if the hospital adhered to proper health practices.
Nurses told the media house that it could have been avoided if nurses were swabbed frequently, persons exhibiting flu like symptoms were removed from the facility and wards sanitised regularly