Speaking time adjusted for Senators in the House

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Speaking time adjusted for Senators in the House

30 minutes!
That’s how long the average senator has now been given to make their speeches in the Parliament.

Senate Leader Franklin Khan made proposals in the House yesterday, to which a split Senate agreed.

Khan proposed 45 minutes for a motion’s mover, 40 minutes for the first responder and 30 minutes for all other speakers and the wrap-up.

Limits on speech time was set last August in the height of the Covid19 pandemic.

Prior to passing, Opposition Senator Wade Mark complained that the Covid19 limits had left the Opposition’s six senators with just two hours and 30 minutes in all to publicly examine complex bills.

He said “There is no other Parliament in and out of the Commonwealth that has reduced the speaking time of its members of Parliament.”

Mark said Parliament had other precautions against covid19 and so did not need to maintain a reduction in speaking times.

He said the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) had urged “appropriate, reasonable and proportionate” steps against covid19, but also full debates on legislation.

Mark said he intends to complain to bodies such as the CPA, Inter Parliament Union and ParlAmericas.