Simone Biles captures a bronze medal at Tokyo

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Simone Biles captures a bronze medal at Tokyo

Decorated US Gymnast Simone Biles captured a bronze medal in the individual balance beam competition on Tuesday, after taking a step back during team finals and her other solo Tokyo Olympics events amid mental health concerns.

The 24year old Olympian, with a score of 14.000, finished behind China’s Guan Chenchen and Tang Xijing. The gold medalist, 16, and silver medalist, 18, scored 14.633 and 14.233, respectively.

Adding the medal to her collection has caused Biles to make history once again. Media reports state that she is now tied with Shannon Miller as the most decorated U.S. gymnast. Of the seven medals that each gymnast holds, Simone has a total of four gold medals and Shannon has two.