Heather Seale appointed president of the Industrial Court

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Heather Seale appointed president of the Industrial Court

Heather Seale has been appointed president of the Industrial Court in a media release on Wednesday.

The Office of the President said the President had appointed Seale after consultation with the Chief Justice as required by section 4(3) (a) (ii) of the Industrial Relations Act.

Seale has held positions of member of the Industrial Court, as registrar of the Tax Appeal Board and state counsel at the Ministry of Finance.

The release added that as a member of the Industrial Court she “has served diligently and consistently contributed to the development of the industrial relations jurisprudence in Trinidad and Tobago by her honour’s many written judgements.”

It added that she was a mentor for students at her alma mater, St Francois Girls’ College, and was recognised by the school in 2018.

The president’s office thanked former Industrial Court president Deborah Thomas-Felix for her service to the court for more than 11 years.

It said, “Thomas-Felix’s leadership over this period was instrumental in helping to build capacity at the Industrial Court, including building a pool of talented members from which it has been possible to select a new president.”