Shiva Ramnarine axed as TSTT CFO

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Shiva Ramnarine axed as TSTT CFO

Shiva Ramnarine, the chief financial officer at state-owned TSTT has been fired.

It comes just two months after former chief executive officer Lisa Agard was fired from the company following the handling of a data breach at the majority State-owned company in October.

Yesterday, TSTT’s management sent out an all-staff email announcing the departure of Ramnarine from the organisation.

In a separate email note to executives, TSTT said, “To ensure a smooth transition, management has identified an internal candidate for recommendation to temporarily fill the position of chief financial officer. The relevant internal governance processes will be engaged in order to obtain the board’s approval for this candidate to oversee the operations of the Finance Department until a suitable successor is found after the required recruitment process has been engaged.

“You will be kept updated as necessary in this regard. We have thanked Mr Ramnarine for his contribution to the company and wish him well in his future endeavours.”

In a statement late yesterday, TSTT confirmed the exit.

“TSTT can confirm the departure of its former Chief Financial Officer, Mr Shiva Ramnarine. We, however, categorically deny that his departure was in any way related to the cyberattack. Mr Ramnarine served the company well during his tenure and we wish him well in his future endeavours,” it said.

Ramnarine was a former chief financial officer at Caribbean Airlines (CAL) and was fired from that company in August 2013.