SecGen SDMS Board: No exorbitant fees here!

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SecGen SDMS Board: No exorbitant fees here!

Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Vijay Maharaj says that he was aware that some schools are chargind inflated fees upon registration of students.

However he assured that schools under his board weren’t guilty of using loop holes to charge excessive fees.

He disclosed that parents and guardians are charged a fee of just around $500 upon registration for aspects of the child’s uniform and books.

He explained that while they do not demand the purchase of any number of uniforms they do encourage students to have more than one uniform at primary schools.

He explained this is so that an additional uniform would be available to a child that soils their uniform during school time.

He was quick to add that those additional uniforms ar e at no extrha cost.