Seven receive lease letters in Nariva/Mayaro County

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Seven receive lease letters in Nariva/Mayaro County

Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Clarence Rambharat distributed lease letters to several persons in the Nariva/Mayaro Agricultural County on Friday morning.

Seven persons from the County received lease letters in respect to their State parcels, for an initial period of thirty (30) years.

During the handing over ceremony at the Rio Claro Demonstration Station in Ecclesville, Rambharat said that the most leases dealt with in the country” had emanated from the district.

Rambharat said that the staff of the County’s State Land Office held a reputation of being able to “push their files forward” and provided all the relevant information to have their farmers’ leases executed in a timely manner.

He said the district has a very proud history of farming having once been dubbed, “the undisputed food basket” of Trinidad and Tobago.

He also praised the leadership of the Demonstration Station since they were able to achieve a considerable high level of efficiency in the workplace, despite the many challenges associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Rambharat lauded the efforts of the Agricultural County (Nariva/Mayaro) Office, particularly in the area of cocoa production.

He said that it has the distinction of being the only Ministry-type Station to produce beans which have ranked in the top 50 in the world; in addition, to its outstanding efforts in its support of the creation and training of the Rio Claro Cocoa Co-operative.