Seagulls high after stealing drugs from beachgoers

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Seagulls high after stealing drugs from beachgoers

Officials in Britain are looking for ways to address the problem of seagulls high on drugs.

The birds, which are notorious for stealing food from beachgoers, seem to be also developing an appetite for drugs.

There are increasing reports of the seaside pests swooping down to make off with drug-users stashes – in particular, a synthetic drug known as ‘spice’.

In humans, spice can cause euphoria, talkativeness, paranoia, nausea and mood swings. In some cases, the sedative effects are so acute that users have been compared to zombies.

According to the Daily Star, incidents of the birds swooping down to nick users’ stashes of the drug have apparently been reported in cities such as London, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

Witnesses say “seagull and spice is not a good combo” as it turns the birds into psycho gulls.’

After one such incident in Wrexham, locals reportedly said that one of the birds ‘went mad’ after taking someone’s supply of the drug, dive-bombing pedestrians before eventually coming to collapse on the pavement.