Russia’s Coronavirus Cases Exceed 1 Million Mark

Russia’s Coronavirus Cases Exceed 1 Million Mark

Russia exceeded one million cases of COVID-19, according to the data offered on Tuesday by the government committee created to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

In the last 24 hours, another 4,729 positives for coronavirus were registered, with which today the country accumulates a total of 1,000.48 cases.

According to official statistics, COVID-19 has caused 17,299 deaths, 123 of them in the last day.

Moscow is the main focus of the country’s infection with a total of 263,059 cases and 4,832 deaths.

According to the Consumer Defense Agency, a total of 211,248 people are currently under medical observation.

According to the website enabled by the Government to report on the coronavirus epidemic, 815,705 people have overcome COVID-19.

By number of confirmed positives, Russia ranks fourth in the world, behind the United States, Brazil and India.