Rowley tells Ramdial he wasn’t in any sex scandal, so don’t go there

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Rowley tells Ramdial he wasn’t in any sex scandal, so don’t go there

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley had some words for former UNC MP Ramona Ramdial, after she wrote an op-ed associating him with politicians who were involved in sex scandals in the past.

The editorial, titled ‘Sex, Lies and Politricks,’ was published in the TT Guardian on Ash Wednesday and in it, Ramdial wrote about the scandal involving Progressive Democratic Patriots leader Watson Duke and his former deputy political leader Kezel Jackson.

She likened Duke’s latest sex scandal to those that hovered over Dr Rowley, former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday, UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and ex-Ministers Anil Roberts, Chandresh Sharma, Glenn Ramadharsingh, Darryl Smith, as well as former senator Hafeez Ali.

However, Rowley did not like the association and had a few things to say to Ramdial.

He wrote in a Facebook post:
Hello Ramona, my former Parliamentary colleague, I just read your article where you listed me among the likes of Duke, Panday and Anil Roberts who got themselves in sex scandals. What sex scandal do you know me to have been associated with?

If you are talking about the UNC allegation of rape against me and my father then, you as a woman, who took part in that disgraceful, lying travesty which stained our Parliament, should be making apologies and asking for forgiveness. I never played any victim. I ignored you all and the public who were so repulsed by the nastiness of the UNC (don’t forget that Vernella spoke with the full support of ALL the UNC members) and dealt decisively with you all.

Incidentally, it was the first time in 100 years that any Commonwealth Government attempted to vote an Opposition Leader out of a democratic Parliament. The first time it failed because the Australian Speaker refused to allow that Government motion to be entertained. Unfortunately in Trinidad and Tobago, a UNC Speaker, Wade Mark, allowed it and shamefully you and all other UNC Members of Parliament voted to slander and expel the Opposition Leader.

The population redeemed the country’s virtue by booting the UNC out of office.

It is now being said by you that it was my victimhood that caused the PNM victory in 2015. How then do you explain the second victory in 2020?

We of the PNM and the wider national community have a view that is quite different to that of UNC parliamentarians and columnists. You will not be allowed to continue the lie as you attempt to revise history in your favour.