Rowley: “I never said the Bharatt family invited me”

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Rowley: “I never said the Bharatt family invited me”

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is denying reports that he said he was invited to the funeral service for Andrea Bharatt.

This became an issue after the PM stated at a PNM meeting on Thursday that he turned down the invitation. But Bharatt’s relative Sally Sooman stated on social media that the PM never reached out to the family following Andrea’s death and as such, was not invited to her send off.

But in response to media queries as to what exactly transpired, Rowley said “I never said that I was invited by any member of the family. I spoke about being invited (told) by someone (who suggested) that I should attend BECAUSE KAMLA was going to be there. I said that was not a reason why I would attend and I went on to say that even though I would have liked to attend, I am unable to do so.

He added that he had to attend Parliament at that same time because it was the Prime Minister’s Question Time.

“I never intended to convey that I was invited by the family and I am choosing not to attend. That is a gross misrepresentation. Like many other persons who were deeply injured by the abduction of a citizen, I appealed to those involved or anyone who may have information that may be useful to law enforcement and which may lead to her rescue. I did so as my duty as Prime Minister. It was never intended to be a reward to be invited to her funeral.”