Robert Le Hunte resigns as PNM Vice Chairman

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Robert Le Hunte resigns as PNM Vice Chairman

Former PNM Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte has resigned as vice-chairman of the People’s National Movement. The resignation took effect on December 31.

Le Hunte said his resignation was precipitated by him accepting a senior position in the private sector financial institution which he felt he felt was incompatible with holding a high office in a political party.

He told the Express newspapers: “Holding office to me is about your ability to perform and not about the holding of the office. This has always been my mantra in everything. I never try to hold on to an office if I feel that I cannot perform in it effectively. I have joined the private sector and the job that I will be assuming, it will have to take on a very public persona and I don’t think I would be able to effectively carry out the responsibilities of vice-chairman of the PNM while functioning in a soon to be new office. And that is all that it is,”.


Le Hunte resigned as Public Utilities Minister on May 16th 2020.