Rishi Sunak favourite to become next UK PM

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Rishi Sunak favourite to become next UK PM

Rishi Sunak appears to be on course to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Sunak is the firm favourite to replace Liz Truss having gained the support of more than half of his party’s MPs

However, another Conservative MP, House of Commons leader, Penny Mordaunt, is still in the contest and racing to secure 100 MP backers by today’s deadline

Her campaign claims to have 90 Tory MPs on her side – although fewer than 30 supporters have confirmed their backing publicly

Yesterday, former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson dropped out of the contest with his backers now calling for the party to get behind Sunak.

Mordaunt is now being called upon to throw her support behind Sunak also.

A portion of her supporters believe that with the majority of MP’s backing Sunak, she would be best served by making a deal with the former Chancellor.

She has been urged to agree a joint ticket with Sunak so as to avoid the embarrassment of defeat and to ensure her a role in the next Government.