Residents happy with Todds Road, Freeport bridge opening

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Residents happy with Todds Road, Freeport bridge opening

Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan officially opening of the B1/1 Freeport Todd’s Road Bridge today Saturday at around 10:30am

Rehabilitation works were performed on Bridge B 1/1 on the Freeport Todd’s Road, off Freeport Mission Road, Freeport.

The bridge works comprised of the removal of the existing single lane Bailey bridge and construction of a new reinforced concrete structure.

The completed bridge will facilitate 2 lanes of traffic (3.4 metres each), with a 1.2 metre wide sidewalk for pedestrian access.

This successful reconstruction of the B1-1 Freeport Todd’s road bridge serves to benefit more than 500 households in the Freeport Todd’s Road community, and contributes to the overall upgrade of the nation’s infrastructure.

Press play for live media coverage of the opening.