Religious leaders call for end to crimes against women

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Religious leaders call for end to crimes against women

Imam Imtiaz Ali called on men to look out for their womenfolk in society.

He made the comment last night, while in attendance at a vigil for Bharatt at the Cunupia Market.

Scores answered the call by Chaguanas East MP, Vandana Mohit, to gather at the Cunupia Market and pray for the soul of Bharatt, who was found dead yesterday in the Heights of Aripo.

Mohit said she was very distressed. She said society has degenerated to the point when a person goes missing families are now worried about if they would find their bodies or not.

Ali said “ My heart bled today when I heard that news…that could have been my granddaughter, that could be some one of us daughters. I can’t put myself in that father’s shoes right now.”

He said persons seeking to kidnap should instead get a job or even beg rather than cause grief in the lives of others.

Orisha Priest Baba Addelon Braveboy summoned the powers of the Orishas to rain justice on those who commit crimes against women in Trinidad and Tobago.

Braveboy, who is also known as Banjela, told the gathering “I pray for justice against every crime committed against women at this time. I call upon the Orisha of justice, Chango, you are the Orisha of justice. I call upon presence with lightning to strike upon the heads of the enemies, those that are disrespecting our women today.”

Baba Braveboy called on the spirits to remove all negative influences plaguing T&T.