Rape survivor accuses Express reporter of changing her story; tells us what really went down

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Rape survivor accuses Express reporter of changing her story; tells us what really went down

A rape survivor is accusing an Express reporter of changing her story, as she recounts the horrific events allegedly at the hands of Joel Balcon.

One day after the Sunday Express newspaper ran a front page expose relating the story about a 23 year old rape survivor, who has identified deceased Joel Balcon as the perpetrator, the victim told us that the reporter misrepresented what she actually said in the interview. She is also disturbed that the reporter identified her area of residence in the story.

Newspower Now spoke to the young woman who is trying to put her life back together.
She courageously told the story and agreed for us to use her recorded voice, if we agreed to disguise her actual voice. We have also deliberately not reported her name to protect her privacy. She tells the disturbing predatory behavior of Balcon and another man on the night of January 08th 2021.

The ordeal escalated when she realized that she was in trouble. He took her to a guesthouse, and told her if she wanted to live , do everything he said:

She goes into detail about the horrific multiple rape incidents at the guest house.. We warn you the details are graphic and disturbing…..

She said while she did tell the reporter about her police experience in reporting the crime, and was not happy that a female officer did not accompany her to the hospital, she did not say that the police dismissed her report…..

She said parts of the Express report she did not say to the reporter…She was also upset that her area was reported in the piece:

She said Balcon, Andrea Bharatt’s murder and his face was all over FaceBook, it made her feel sick when she saw his face again:

She said that she is currently receiving counselling to help her get her life back on track, and has the support and love of her family, but it’s still extremely difficult for her, especially in light of what happened to Andrea Bharatt.

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