TPL workers demand immediate payments of outstanding money

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TPL workers demand immediate payments of outstanding money

A small group of retrenched Trinidad Packaging Ltd (TPL) workers staged a protest outside its parent company Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL) this morning.

The workers stood their ground outside the plant at the Southern Main Road in Claxton Bay, from as early as 8am, calling for the immediate payments of outstanding money.

The workers said they have asked TCL repeatedly for a reason for the delay in the payments, but are yet to receive an answer.

Spokesman for the group, former senior operator Nigel Ifill accused the company of breaking its promise to pay off the retrenched group.

He said “They told us that on Monday (February 15) at midnight, all severance benefits, including our vacation money, would be in our accounts, and we took it in good faith. Tuesday morning, however, when workers went to their respective accounts, bank or credit unions, some received their money, and others did not.”

Ifill said it is disrespectful that TCL did not do things properly to pay off the workers. “We are hurt, because the majority of us grew up in this company.”

He also said, “Some people saw their vacation money in their accounts on Tuesday. But the next day, it was taken back out. No reason was given for that.”

The workers are hoping that management will communicate with them or their union (Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union) to rectify the issue.