Rain, flooding leads to traffic chaos in POS

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Rain, flooding leads to traffic chaos in POS

Heavy rains across the island on Wednesday led to a major traffic chaos in the city of Port of Spain , as commutes attempting to enter or leave the capital city faced serious difficulty.

The heavy showers began around 1 pm, quickly flooding South Quay, parts of Independence Square and Wrightson Road, making those areas impassable to both pedestrians and motorists.

There were reports of flooding along Cipriani Boulevard, which caused traffic around the Queen’s Park Savannah to become gridlocked.

Citizens complained of the frustration of being in standstill traffic for hours around the Queen’s Park Savannah, the Lady Young Road, Eastern Main Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway.

To help ease the situation, the Ministry of Works and Transport granted light motor vehicles access to the Priority Bus Route from 7 pm yesterday to 5 am today.

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service said the heavy rainfall developed from midmorning, resulting in flooding in parts of Port-of-Spain, including South Quay, Wrightson Road and George Street.

The Met Office said it received no official reports of fallen trees or damage caused to any infrastructure but forecasted that thunderstorm activity would continue throughout the rest of yesterday.

The National Hurricane Center also said there was an 80 per cent chance a tropical cyclone could develop over the next 48 hours.

(photo by Jahwanzah Jawwad Photography)