Professor Cudjoe Cites Importance of Job Creation

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Professor Cudjoe Cites Importance of Job Creation

Professor, Selwyn Cudjoe, is confident job creation in communities across the country will help go a long way in empowering people.

The academic and scholar cited the creation of major industries which are sustainable and aimed at giving people a level of independence.

He warned throwing money behind problems facing the nation cannot  address some of the social challenges facing the nation.

Professor Cudjoe said there are numerous benefits which arise when people work that can help in their personnel development.

He made the remarks in the context of a question posed to him relating to the 100 million dollars government has indicated it  will  use  to help depressed communities with the help of retired military officers.

Professor Cudjoe was also questioned on the education system and what can be done to improve it as well as the performance of students.

He said opportunities in education are available to all citizens and should be taken advantage of by those who have access to it.

Factors were also explored on issues which may be responsible for a decline in performance.

The role of parents and teachers and being responsible were also explored by Professor Cudjoe and what can be done to ensure a positive turn around in the way things are going.

He was at the time being interviewed on the Hard Talk Programme on Wednesday.