President Kangaloo hopes to make President’s House more accessible to the public

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President Kangaloo hopes to make President’s House more accessible to the public

Trinidad and Tobago got its seventh President today.
Christine Kangaloo succeeded Paula-Mae Weekes in a ceremony full of pomp at the Queen’s Park Savannah this morning.

In her speech, she noted her gratitude for being elected to this position and is well aware of the history of it and believes that the Office of the President should serve as a model for all other public institutions in this country.

Kangaloo listed her hopes for the President’s House, saying one of the ways she would like to see the Office of the President become more accessible is by having its facilities put to even greater use in hosting cultural, education and artistic ventures, particularly among the youth.

She said: “For example, I would like to see the bandstand put to regular use for new and emerging artistes. I would like to see the main ballroom and the grounds at President’s House used to host displays such as art exhibitions by primary and secondary school students. And, I would like to see the public areas at President’s House opened up to facilitate such endeavours such as book club meetings and programs to introduce young people to music.”

“As the preeminent office of public service in the country, I would like to see President’s House and its grounds, becoming a cradle for intellectual, cultural and artistic exploration among our youth and in so doing, helping to improve observation, perception and communication skills among young people.”

Kangallo noted that it is her intention to build on the work of her predecessors and transform the Office of the President into a completely modernized, highly efficient and effectively run organisation, commensurate with its status and with the rightful expectation of the public, whom it serves.

She said she is particularly interested in putting together an archive of our presidential history and of the customs and of the conventions that attend the office of president.
“Such an archive badly needed. Without it I have had to rely on the willingness, the patience and generosity of volunteers both in and outside of the office of the president to work out what to expect both in the lead up to today’s inauguration and thereafter during the term of office that lies ahead.”

“I would very much like to see the office develop its only recorded recorded, documented history and practices from which not only future presidents, but the entire nation can benefit.”

Kangaloo said she would use all of her energy to advocate for better conditions, for better arrangement, for better platforms and for better opportunities for all.

Stating that she is not combative, Kangaloo said she will be our diplomat in chief.
She said there is already too much shouting going on in our country today and she believes that we all need to be calmer and more reflective and she proposed to lead in that regard.

You can take a look at the full inauguration ceremony below: