President calls on citizens to support people with Down Syndrome

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President calls on citizens to support people with Down Syndrome

President Paula Mae Weekes has shared her support for the Down Syndrome Family Network, noting its concerns about the impact of covid19 restrictions on children.

In a message to observe World Down Syndrome Day today, she said:

“The Down Syndrome Family Network reports that because children with Down syndrome develop best in an environment which is highly tactile and interactive, they are disproportionately affected by the closure of schools and other covid19 restrictions.”

“Out of an abundance of caution, many people with Down syndrome have explored alternative ways of connecting with others to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas and increase public awareness and action about the condition without jeopardising their own health.”

She commended the network and simiilar organisations for providing resources and information to people with Down syndrome and their caregivers about managing and adapting to the pandemic.

“It remains our duty to ensure that persons with Down syndrome are treated with dignity and respect and afforded the support and understanding they need to lead happy, productive and connected lives, especially during these unprecedented times.

“Today, as we don our colourful socks, it is up to all of us — government, NGOs, employers and individuals — to educate ourselves about the implications, realities and possibilities of Down syndrome and make the attitudinal and concrete changes that will ensure that people with Down syndrome thrive in our ever-changing world.”