PoS Task Force officers seize marijuana and cocaine in Belmont

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PoS Task Force officers seize marijuana and cocaine in Belmont

Port of Spain Task Force officers seized a quantity of marijuana and cocaine during an intelligence-led exercise, conducted between 10 am and 2pm today, in the Port of Spain Division.

Around 11am, the team of officers received pertinent intelligence, then proceeded to Upper Belle Eau Road, Belmont, in the vicinity of the bridge. While there, PC Cupidore observed a multi-coloured bag in a bushy area, which aroused his suspicion. He then checked the bag, which contained 21 packages of marijuana, wrapped in brown packaging. When checked, the 21 packages seized weighed 11.3 kilogrammes.

Following the discovery, the party of officers made further checks in the area, where approximately ten feet away, they found a purple plastic bag under a sheet of galvanize. Upon checking the contents of the bag PC Cupidore found a quantity of cocaine in a transparent plastic bag, which when weighed amounted to 214 gramnes. Police also took possession of the illegal narcotic.

This exercise was coordinated by ACP Collis Hazel, Snr. Supt Roger Alexander, Superintendent Daly, ASP Walker, Insp Knott, Sgt Alexander and supervised by Cpls Thomas and Huggins and included WPC Payne, PCs Khamchan, Cupidore, Gangoo, Remy, Perez and Legathon.

Investigations are continuing.

Source: TTPS