Police Tribunal Presides Over Thirty Disciplinary Matters

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Police Tribunal Presides Over Thirty Disciplinary Matters

A Tribunal set up in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service completes review of thirty-one disciplinary matters which have been brought to its attention.

These matters involve officers of various ranks and Acting Superintendent of Police, Intab Ramjohn, told a news briefing on Thursday some matters were reprimanded while others are still pending.

The relevance of such a Tribunal was emphasised by Acting Senior Superintendent Ramjohn and has been cited as needed to bring some behavioural control among officers when so reported and investigation is detailed.

Acting Senior Superintendent Ramjohn said this process is needed and critical in helping build and restore public trust and confidence in the TTPS.

Senior Superintendent  Ramjohn said work is being done with the officers in a bid to help them regain their focus.