PNM Tobago Council wants entire THA executive to resign

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PNM Tobago Council wants entire THA executive to resign

Members of the Peoples National Movement (PNM) Tobago Council took to the streets of Scarborough, Tobago on Monday, to reiterate their call for the resignation of THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine in relation to the leaked audio drama.

Approximately 100 people joined forces with PNM Tobago council leader Ancil Dennis, Minority Leader Kelvon Morris, Tobago East MP Ayanna Webster-Roy and Independent Senator Lawrence Hislop, as they chanted ‘Farley Must Go’ through the streets before ending their procession at James Park.

Morris said Augustine should step down because of admitting he was part of the plan to hire people in the THA to promote his party’s political propaganda.

“An administration by the admission of the Chief Secretary would have been planning and conspiring and I want to remind the Chief Secretary that the very nature of the word conspiracy a situation where one or two persons would have gathered and planned to carry out an act. So the act does not necessarily have to be completed, but once you planned, gathered and started to put that action in train, that is conspiracy. By that nature, the Chief Secretary is guilty and he must go now.”

Dennis added that some THA employees were afraid to participate in the march for fear of being victimised.

“I know there are THA workers under pressure. Some of them want to come march and they asked me if they could put a jersey over their face to march and I say to them you can’t do that because of the heat and you might collapse. People are afraid to march because of victimisation but I am saying we must continue,” he said.

Public Relations Officer of the group, James Trim, said: “We are asking you, Chief Secretary, to vacate the office. We are asking the Assistant (Deputy) Chief Secretary to vacate the office. We are asking the Secretary of Education to vacate the office. We are asking the Secretary of Infrastructure to vacate the office and all of you stood in the dark behind the Chief Secretary. We are asking you to vacate the office. You are not serving any purpose to the people of Tobago. So we are asking you to come tomorrow, pack your bags and walk.”