Texas School Hosted a ‘SLAVE TRADE’ Auction on Black Students


Texas School Hosted a ‘SLAVE TRADE’ Auction on Black Students

White students at a Texas high school held a “n***er auction” for Black students on social media.

White students at the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus held an auction over the social media platform Snapchat “pretending” to sell their Black classmates. The group chat the white students were in was called “Slave Trade” and then changed to “N***er Farm.” In their offensive and racist game, the white students would bid on what they would pay for their Black classmates.

One of the white students said they would buy a Black student named Chris for $1 but said it “would be better if his hair wasn’t so bad.” Another white student placed a bid on a Black student named Aven for $100.

The Dallas-Fort Worth school district, the Aledo Independent School District (AISD), sent a letter home to parents calling the acts “cyberbullying.” Many parents took issue with the term, saying the students’ acts should be called racism. On Monday, AISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Bohn sent a new email, saying, “There is no room for racism or hatred in the Aledo ISD, period.”

“More than two weeks ago, the district learned of an incident that involved students from the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus bullying and harassing other students based on their race and launched an immediate and thorough investigation that involved law enforcement,” the statement read, according to Revolt TV.

“We made a formal determination that racial harassment and cyberbullying had occurred and assigned disciplinary consequences in accordance with our policy and the Student Code of Conduct. This incident has caused tremendous pain for the victims, their families, and other students of color and their families, and for that we are deeply saddened.”

One of the parents, Mark Grubbs, pulled his three children from the school, mentioning that this wasn’t the first time his children had endured racism. “A lot of racism. My son being called out of his name and what not and it got to the point he didn’t mind fighting and that didn’t sit right with me and my wife,” he said. “My son was never a fighter.”