PNM Chairman anticipates good voter turnout in spite of low records

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PNM Chairman anticipates good voter turnout in spite of low records

Chairman of the People’s National Movement, Stuart Young, says he believes the voter turnout today will be good in spite of the low participation rate usually seen in Local Government elections.

Speaking to the media after he casted his vote this morning, Young acknowledged that the turnout for Local Government Elections is usually lower than what is seen for General Elections.

While admitting that it was too early to predict the turnout, Young said he anticipated a good participation rate.

According to the Election and Boundaries Commission, the voter turnout in 2019’s Local Government Elections was 34.49 per cent of the voting population.

This was a minor increase over the turnout in the 2016 Local Government elections, which was 34.34 per cent.

San Juan Laventille, Port of Spain and Diego Martin have had the lowest turnout in the last two Local government elections with an average of 25, 23 and 22 percent turnout respectively.

This is far below the average turnout of 34 percent.

PEP political leader Phillip Alexander also said in an interview with the media today that voting went smoothly.

He added that he has not heard any concerns or issues raised by the persons in his party responsible for reporting such.