PM’s data among those leaked in TSTT breach

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PM’s data among those leaked in TSTT breach

Personal information belonging to the Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley have been leaked onto the dark web by hackers following the breach on TSTT.

Reports reveal that Rowley’s identification card number, his driver’s permit number and his passport number have been found to be compromised.
The Excel document also has his birth date and a PO box address for him as Prime Minister.

Six gigabytes of data from TSTT which was uploaded to the dark web, following a cyberattack on the company on October 9th. The data bundle includes scans, a list of names and credentials.

The Prime Minister is one of hundreds of customers whose data has been posted online following the data breach at the telecommunications company.

As of yesterday, the data—which contains 1.2 million names—has been downloaded over 13,000 times from the dark web.

The data has names, home addresses, email addresses, cell phone numbers, birth certificates, passport numbers, identification cards, receipts, internal emails, as well as credentials.

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales issued a press statement on Sunday and mandated that the board of TSTT conduct an independent inquiry into the cyberattack at the company.

In the statement, Gonzales said he is deeply concerned about the recent cyberattack given TSTT’s importance on the country’s telecommunications landscape.

The minister said the gravity of the situation warrants a thorough and full-scale investigation to ascertain the facts and circumstances that caused the breach, TSTT’s communications regarding the matter, and the actions the organisation is (and has been) taking to reduce the possibility of future cyber incursions.

He said that TSTT has to make public the facts and findings, in so far as the details do not compromise TSTT customer confidentiality or further put at risk the integrity of TSTT’s data or digital infrastructure.