PM wonders where $11M in aid from the US went

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PM wonders where $11M in aid from the US went

Following the disclosure by the US Embassy that it supplied $11 million in aid to T&T to assist with Venezuelans living in this country, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is now asking where did the money go?

In a release on Sunday, the US Embassy in Port-of-Spain defended its sanctions against Venezuela, saying it was against the Nicolas Maduro regime and not the people.

In the statement, the US Embassy noted that the US is the single largest donor of humanitarian assistance for Venezuela including some $11 million to T&T for Venezuelans living in this country.

Rowley told media: “just bear in mind that somebody or bodies are getting and have received $77 million for this purpose.
“It is certainly not the Government. It explains a lot,” he said.

Rowley had recently stated that this country got no assistance from anybody to assist with the migrant situation and Venezuelans living in the country.