PM Rowley: “We have a collective responsibility for our future”

PM Rowley: “We have a collective responsibility for our future”

Prime minister Dr. Keith Rowley has rallied the population to collective responsibility and action in his Independence message. As Trinidad and Tobago celebrates its 59th anniversary of independence, the PM in his address to the nation has highlighted our citizen’s civic duties.

Dr. Rowley said: “once we fully recognise our obligations and rights, that all citizens hold an equal share, we can take charge in shaping a better, collective future; not only for ourselves, and families, but for all others and all future generations who will call these twin islands home”.

He said while the pandemic has bruised us as a country, it has not defeated us: “We may be bruised but we will not be defeated. I know we can overcome the challenges of the 21st-century, and emerge from this crisis.”


The Prime minister also focused on the meaning of the word ‘independence’ to each citizen: “Independence” carries “great significance for every nation as it allows their citizens to stand equally and proudly as members of a nation-state recognised in the international community”.

“This means that their citizens hold a great obligation of collective, yet individual responsibilities, privileges, duties and rights,” the Prime Minister said, as he extended “warm” Independence greetings to Trinidad and Tobago on behalf the Government and his family.