PM responds to Moonilal; said he will receive vaccine in October

PM responds to Moonilal; said he will receive vaccine in October

After being called out by Opposition MP Roodal Moonilal, to be the first to take the Sinopharm vaccine when it arrives from China, Prime Minster Dr Keith Rowley has revealed that he will be able to receive his first dose of a Covid19 vaccine in October.

Dr Rowley made the revelation on Sunday.

Rowley said, “The WHO guideline is that if one was positive for covid then one should allow a period of six months to pass before being vaccinated.” Rowley continued, “That was stated when I came out of isolation at the end of April. It was stated then that I could be vaccinated in October.”

Rowley was scheduled to receive his first dose on April 6. However, he was diagnosed with Covid19 on that day and immediately went into quarantine.

Moonilal said Rowley “must take this vaccine in a full media and public event and show confidence by the highest level of leadership.”

Rowley said, “I notice the full praise and commendation he ascribes to the UNC for being the first in everything good and clear.”
But Rowley added that Moonilal forgot to mention other things the UNC was first in, since the pandemic began. “Stock up, with hydroxychloroquine, the treatment; don’t close bars and business; don’t close the border; don’t register Venezuelans; sunshine does kill covid; drink puncheon and lime; don’t force people to wear masks; vaccinate without vaccines; India will save us because they are saving the world and build a dome around the country.”

He observed that Moonilal “had chronicled all the negatives that he could find on the Chinese vaccine.” Rowley added, “Apparently he could not find the hundreds of similar issues raised on Astra Zeneca and the other vaccines. That is what happens when you are intellectually dishonest.”