UPDATE: Photographer chopped to death by mentally unstable man

UPDATE: Photographer chopped to death by mentally unstable man

Slain Barbadian photographer Christoff Griffith was chopped to death.

Veteran journalist and President of the Barbados Association of Journalists and Media Workers (BARJAM) Emmanuel Joseph confirmed the news on Wednesday morning.

On Monday, Griffith went to the scene of a crime ahead of police officers in Bishop’s Court, St. Michael.

The twenty-five year old was employed as a photographer with The Nation newspaper.

According to Joseph, Griffith was chopped to death by a mentally unstable man who was suspected of the crime for which Griffith went to investigate.

The suspect chopped Griffith in his head and back with a cutlass.

Griffith’s father, a police officer, responded to the report of the murder at Bishop’s Court but instead found his son lying in a pool of his own blood.

Joseph said Griffith’s father walked home that evening after viewing his son’s body.

Since Griffith’s death, many in the media fraternity have expressed condolences to the family.

Joseph said Griffith was a close friend of his.

Barbados police have one suspect in custody for the murder.

Investigations are continuing.