Persad-Bissessar proposes a specific criminal offence and ‘stand your ground’ law for home invasions

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Persad-Bissessar proposes a specific criminal offence and ‘stand your ground’ law for home invasions

With home invasions on the rise in TT, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is proposing the enacting of stand-your-ground legislation.

At the United National Congress (UNC) Monday Night Forum last night, Persad-Bissessar highlighted the incident in which children hid during a home invasion ordeal, saying: “That to me is one of the most terrifying experiences that you could ever imagine. And so we have taken note of this unacceptable situation, and while Dr Rowley spends two full days talking foolishness at the Hyatt…the UNC will do the following to put an end to this devilish offence of home invasion.

“We will bring legislation to Parliament to create a specific criminal offence of home invasion. I propose that our next UNC government will create this full offence; this will involve increasing the sentences for larceny, burglary, serious assault, unlawful entry to your properties, whether it be your home or your businesses, and that you will be able to use force, firearm, weapon, cutlass, whatever it may be…we will create that offence with a penalty of 25 years in jail.”

The Siparia MP stated: “We will also bring ‘stand your ground’ laws. At the moment the law is, a man invades your house, a woman invades your house and…you have to use something they call reasonable force. A man going with a gun in your face and you must do nothing.

“I propose that we adopt the ‘stand your ground’ legal principle…this means putting into our laws the legal principle that allows a person to use force in self-defence without retreating.”

She added: “When we pass this law under the UNC, we’ll join over 28 states of the USA that have adopted this ‘make my day’ law.”

“When Rowley talking for two days, and he has already spent eight years talking, about violence as a health issue, we propose policy changes…and bold legal change to deal with the barbarians at our gates.”