Pele’s 100-year-old mother was unaware of his passing

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Pele’s 100-year-old mother was unaware of his passing

The death of the famed foitball player, Pele came 11 days after the 2022 World Cup reached its conclusion.

The Brazilian football legend is the only player in the history of the world to notch three World Cup Championships.

The iconic striker has a resume full of distinguished achievements, which include becoming the youngest player (16 years old) to score a goal for Brazil’s national team.

Thus, he has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as football’s all-time leading scorer.

However his mother, a 100-year-old woman named Dona Celeste, was still unaware of her son’s passing as recent as a few days ago due to her health condition.

In a recent interview, Pelé sister, Maria Lucia, explained why.

“We talk, but she doesn’t know [about his passing],” Lucia said. “She’s in her own world…She opens her eyes when I mention his name and say, ‘we’re going to pray for him,’ but she’s not really conscious of what I’m saying.”