“PDP sex bacchanal” – Watson Duke vs Kezel Jackson

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“PDP sex bacchanal” – Watson Duke vs Kezel Jackson

Founder of the Progressive Democratic Patriots, Watson Duke, reveals intimate details of what allegedly took place between himself and Deputy Political Leader of the PDP, Kezel Jackson, who resigned from the party on Tuesday.

Mr Duke claimed it is not first time Ms Jackson submitted a letter of resignation.

In her resignation letter, Ms Jackson said Mr Duke is not stable enough to have her genuine support as a PDP describing his behaviour as impulsive, and grossly disrespectful, making every effort to tarnish her name and public credibility.

At a news briefing today on face book, Mr Duke gave details of what he claimed occurred between Ms Jackson and himself over plans to set up an office of the DPP in Trinidad.

He alleged attempts were made to destroy his family life, the political party, his finances and he was provoked.

Mr Duke said he is about getting ready the PDP ready for local government elections, will not be distracted adding he has gone to the police and is seeking a restraining order to be taken against her.