NCC to consider a proposal to relocate Junior Carnival  from QPS come 2024; one bandleader threatens to protest

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NCC to consider a proposal to relocate Junior Carnival from QPS come 2024; one bandleader threatens to protest

National Carnival Commission chairman Winston “Gypsy” Peters, said he will consider a proposal to relocate the Junior Carnival event from Queen’s Park Savannah in the future.

He made the comment after Pan Trinbago President, Beverly Ramsey-Moore expressed dissatisfaction with the late start of the National Panorama Finals on Saturday and blamed the delay on the Junior Parade which took place hours earlier.

According to Ramsey-Moore, in a Newsday report, the junior parade ended later than usual, delayed the security sweep and subsequently pushed back the start of the competition.
She said they had people lined up at the gate from as early as 4 pm waiting.

In light of this, she has made a recommendation to the NCC board that they find a way to treat with the clashing of these two major events on the same day.

Prior to the start of the pan finals, Ramsey-Moore promised the audience that were going to ensure that the don’t have a clash in 2024.

Peters said he would if it is something that is inconvenient, he will consider the relocation.
“It is tradition and, at the end of the day, people make traditions, people break them. They can change tradition.
“If it is something that is for the better good of everybody and everything that takes place as a chairman, I’m willing to bring it forward and see what we can do about it,” said Peters.

He assured all stakeholders that the NCC would not make any decision without proper consultation.

However junior mas band leader, Rosalind Gabriel on hearing the news was appalled and vowed to protest.

She told the media house: “The juniors need their time just like everybody else. We always had to be off the stage by 3 pm to allow preparation for Panorama in the night. So the parade actually got underway. I would say about 8.30 in the morning. And finished by 3 pm.”

“I am rooting for the juniors. And, quite frankly, the junior parade has always passed through Queen’s Park Savannah. And I don’t know what they would do, but I know what I will do.