Parents warned to expect delays with SEA online portal as results due today

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Parents warned to expect delays with SEA online portal as results due today

Approximately 18,889 students will know their fate today when the Secondary Entrance Assessment results are revealed.

However, Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly has warned parents and guardians to expect some delays due to the high number of people trying to access the online portal where the results will be posted.

Results will be available on the ministry’s website from 12 pm. To access the results, parents must have their child’s student number, date of birth and admissions number, which are on students’ admissions slip.

The ministry said the objectives of the system were to reduce crowding and congregation at schools on the day the SEA results are made public and to reduce the anxiety of parents and students who can first view the results at home. It also says it is aimed at promoting a more efficient and organised method of scheduling the collection of results by school administrators.

Gadsby-Dolly, in a Newsday interview, said “The staff of the communications division are also heavily involved in the release process and will be monitoring social media and the dedicated e-mail address – [email protected] – in real time to assist anyone that is experiencing difficulty accessing the SEA results, and provide feedback to the IT staff.”

She said since many will try logging in at noon, some delays may happen “regardless of the redundancies put in place.”

“This is not unusual for online results’ portals and does not indicate that the system has crashed.

She advised, “If the first attempt to access the results is not successful, one should simply try logging in again before reaching out for assistance. Also, please ensure that the required information is being correctly entered.”