Man apologises for aggression shown to Mexico Ambassador following accident

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Man apologises for aggression shown to Mexico Ambassador following accident

St James police are investigating an incident in which the Mexican Ambassador to TT said he was threatened by a man.

The incident took place in the vicinity of the St James Ampitheatre around 7pm on Saturday night.

However, the 40-year-old Cocorite man who is accused of assaulting and threatening to kill the Mexican Ambassador has apologised for his aggressive behaviour towards the diplomat.

Mexican Ambassador Victor Hugo Morales Melendez, caimed the man pulled him out of his vehicle and threatened to kill him. However, Richard Henry of Waterhole, Cocorite, insists he did not.

Ambassador Melendez was diving his black Hyundai Santa Fe SUV west along the Western Main Road when Henry’s B15 car pulled onto the roadway from its parked position and collided with his vehicle.

Melendez reported to police that Henry approached his vehicle in an alleged violent manner, with a strong stench of alcohol emanating from his breath, and pulled him out of the driver’s seat of the SUV.
It is further alleged that Henry threatened to kill the Ambassador and went into the trunk of his vehicle, pulled out a piece of metal tube, and struck the hood of the Ambassador’s vehicle.

But in a Newsday interview, Henry apologised and said: “I was just real mad because after the incident, he was acting like he wanted to just drive off. I thought was a Venezuelan because he talking and I not understanding him properly.”

He told the media house: “I spend my last to buy that tyre because I didn’t want police to give me no ticket and like this man just pull up on me and hit me and then want to drive off. I admit I was a bit aggressive and I am sorry. I did take out a piece of iron from the trunk, because I does bend iron, and hit his vehicle.”

He said he only found out Melendez was an ambassador when responding officers, PCs Ramkripaul, Morgan, Wilson, and WPC Hayes told him the identity of the other driver.