Paray: Rowley must outline and implement a data driven crime plan

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Paray: Rowley must outline and implement a data driven crime plan

Mayaro MP Rushton Paray, said the primary function of a government is to protect the security and liberty of its citizens, especially its children.

He made the statement in light of the murder of six-year-old Kylie Maloney, which he said was yet another tragedy involving crimes against children in our nation.

Paray’s comment also came on the heels of news of the horrific attack on a 13 year old boy, who was stabbed while trying to protect his mother from being assaulted.

He said: “Today, marauding thugs become more brazen with home invasions and other bloody crimes, and attacks on our children are becoming more commonplace.

According to Paray, the crime scourge has also impacted the communities of Mayaro, with many residents becoming victims of violent lawlessness.
“The business community has also expressed concern and increased fear that armed hold-ups can become almost a daily occurrence.”

He noted “those in authority have a duty to all citizens, including children like young Kylie, to keep them safe and to ensure they receive justice. As head of the National Security Council, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley must do his job and outline and implement a data driven crime plan.”

“Dr. Rowley’s continued passing of the buck, to the incompetent Fitzgerald Hinds and the leaderless Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, is only serving to make our exploding crime rate even worse.”

Paray said: If Dr Rowley is not outraged by these gruesome attacks on our young children, it will mean he is not simply a failed Prime Minster but is also turning our nation into a failed state.