Padarath criticizes PM’s silence on Guyana-Venezuela conflict; says gov’t must intervene

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Padarath criticizes PM’s silence on Guyana-Venezuela conflict; says gov’t must intervene

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath is urging T&T to stand in unity with Guyana and advocate for peaceful, diplomatic negotiations with Venezuela.

He has called on the Government to intervene as a mediator and develop a comprehensive national strategy to address the looming threat of war between Venezuela and Guyana, over the disputed Essequibo border.

In a GML interview, he said: “The proximity of Venezuela as our nearest neighbour, merely seven miles across the water, makes this deeply concerning for T&T,” Padarath said.

He pointed to Venezuela’s referendum yesterday, despite the ICJ ruling, as an indication that active consideration for war is underway.

“In light of the possibility of war, there should be national planning and national policy. We see the economic and political situation in Venezuela and the influx of migrants and refugees who are coming here. We saw thousands of migrants in the past year or two. There should be some clear policy on how we treat border protection,” Padarath explained.

He said: “The past influx of migrants underscores the urgency for a clear border protection policy.”

Padarath said the Government needs to articulate strategies to mitigate potential food shortages and ensure national security in the face of impending conflict.

He criticised Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s silence on the matter, admonishing the absence of reassurance for citizens regarding the Government’s contingency plans should a war erupt.

“It’s unacceptable for the Government to remain silent in the face of this imminent threat. Preparation for any eventuality is imperative, considering the genuine possibility of war,” Padarath said.

According to the MP, T&T needs to offer mediation services to convene discussions between the disputing parties, while concurrently devising a comprehensive strategic plan encompassing national security, food security, and border protection.