Padarath: Beginning of the end for WASA employees!

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Padarath: Beginning of the end for WASA employees!

Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath, the Opposition Shadow Minister for Public Utilities slammed Minister Marvin Gonzales for what he says is the government’s callous and haphazard approach to dealing with the woes at WASA.

Padarath stated that this Government has been in office for almost seven years and instead of dealing frontally with the challenges they created at WASA, the Minister instead spent most of his time looking in the rear view mirror in an attempt to mask his incompetence.

Padarath indicated that the firing of 213 managers at WASA by the Minister was the beginning of the end for WASA employees.

He added that major layoffs would happen at WASA over the next few months since the government has spent seven years driving the company into the ground and demonizing employees similarly to what they did to PETROTRIN, rather than fix the problems at the company.

MP Padarath indicated that the Opposition has been warning employees and stakeholders at the Public Utilities companies about the government’s wicked and cruel intentions to put them on the breadline and privatize the sector.

Padarath stated that the announcements made by Gonzales at Thursday’s press conference were full of sound bites but will result in no action.

The Princes Town MP stated that the press conference was really the preamble to axing thousands of WASA employees and very little to do with transforming the sector.