42 former and current police officers honoured for bravery during the 1990 attempted Coup

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42 former and current police officers honoured for bravery during the 1990 attempted Coup

Head of State, Government Among Several Dignitaries to Honour TTPS’ Heroes of 1990 Attempted Coup

Forty-two former and current police officers were given medals and certificates of honour for diligently and selflessly serving their country during the attempted coup of July 27th 1990.

Among the recipients, 10 were honoured with an award for bravery.

The medals and certificates were bestowed last evening at the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s (TTPS) Premiere of its CODE 727 documentary which solely showcases the selfless acts of service and sacrifices of the men and women during the insurrection at the Queen’s Hall, St. Ann’s, Port-of-Spain.

President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Her Excellency, Paula-Mae Weeks, and Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr. Keith Rowley, Minister of National Security, the Honourable, Fitzgerald Hinds and Commissioner of Police (Ag.) Mc Donald Jacob were among many who viewed the documentary and honoured the men and women of the TTPS.

We say thank you for your service, sacrifices and selflessness!

1. DCP Mervyn Richardson (Retired)
2. Snr. Supt. CID/ CRO Joseph Chandool (Active)
3. Supt. Archer Morris (Retired)
4. ASP Charles James (Retired)
5. Insp. Brian Pierre (Retired)
6. Insp. Cecil Toney (Retired)
7. Insp. Ustace Joseph (Retired)
8. Insp. Pramchand Baboolal (Retired)
9. Ag. Insp. Anslem Knott (Active)
10. Insp. Burt Raphael (Retired)
11. Cpl. Lucille Carto (Retired)
12. Cpl. Glenda Mitchell (Retired)
13. Cpl. Enid Kingston (Retired)
14. PC Vincent Mc Alpin (Retired)
15. WPC Olive Ward (Retired)
16. Cpl Learie Roach (Retired)
17. PC Allan Meiguel (Retired)
18. PC Mirza Mohammed (Retired)
19. Sgt. Yuklyn Job (Retired)
20. Insp. Aldwyn Pierre (Retired)
21. Cpl. Charmaine Williams (Retired)
22. Insp. Ashton Williams (Retired)
23. Snr. Supt. Steven Addison (Retired)
24. Insp. Wayne Baptiste (Retired)
25. Supt. Joan Cumberbatch (Retired)
26. Cpl. Christopher Farrell (Retired)
27. PC Richard Prince (Retired)
28. ASP Kenneth Thompson (Retired)
29. Cpl. Nall Sinanan (Retired)
30. Cpl. Mark Stephen (Deceased)
31. DCP Maurice Piggott (Deceased)
32. ACP Leslie Marcelle (Deceased)

Bravery Awards

33. Sgt. Julian Lucien Elder (Retired)
34. Insp. Roopnarine Arjoonsingh (Retired)
35. Insp Clevon Brown (Retired)
36. PC Kenrick Thong (Retired)
37. Insp. Steve Maurice (Retired)
38. Insp. Dave Pilgrim (Retired)
39. PC Kirt Prince (Retired)
40. Sgt. Aldwin Dick (Deceased)
41. ACP Roger George (Fell during the events of the 1990 coup)
42. PC Solomon Mc Leod (Fell during the events of the 1990 coup)