Over 70 First Responders In Tobago Trained In Mass Casualty Management

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Over 70 First Responders In Tobago Trained In Mass Casualty Management

Seventy-six first responders in Tobago have been trained in Mass Casualty Management.

The venture had the support of the Pan American Health Organization, the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection.

The six-day training course took place from July 31 st to August 5 th , 2023.

It consisted of lectures, field exercises and role-playing, designed at sharpening the skills of various first responder agencies to effectively manage a mass casualty event, particularly in human and/or resources-challenged areas.

Participants included representatives from several institutions including the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force; Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard; Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services; Trinidad and Tobago Police Service; Tobago Regional Health Authority, including the Tobago Emergency Medical Services; Tobago Emergency Management Agency, Airport Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and the Office of the County Medical Officer of Health.

The comprehensive range of topics covered included: The Alerting Process; Scene Assessment and Reporting; Field Organization; Field Triage; Second Triage and Advanced Medical Posts; Incident Command System; Planning for Mass Casualty Incidents; Third Triage, Evacuation, Transportation; Hospital Reception; Field Exercises; Communication; Stress Management in Disasters and Terrorism.