Over 37 Billion Dollars Withdrawn From ATM’s In 2020

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Over 37 Billion Dollars Withdrawn From ATM’s In 2020

Thirty seven point seven billion dollars was withdrawn from automatic teller machines in 2020.

The amount declined to 27 billion in 2022.

This information is contained in the Central Bank’s Stability Report which was released earlier this month.

The details were made public by Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre, John Outridge.

He made the revelation in the context of a question posed to him during the Power Breakfast Programme on Power 102 Digital Thursday morning on why citizens should make the switch to cashless transactions instead of having money in their possession.

He said in light of the crime situation, going the way of cashless brings several benefits to those who patronise such a service.

Mr Outridge said a study has found twenty percent of the population is not registered in the financial system.